Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

remiss again, yes. quick things:

My niece is cute.

I can throw damn good department parties, and people really like my guacamole dip.

Once again, Independence Air has proved to be both cheap and painless (DC is their hub; you can get roundtrip tickets from Rochester to DC for about $120, which INCLUDES the taxes and weird fees).

College football games are scary, but people in Louisville, KY are nice.

Being drunk on mimosas at 10 am, carrying the buzz til 4:30 pm with Budweiser, then adding a single glass of late-harvest wine and half a slice of meat-covered pizza = bad sick. Likewise, trying to throw up quietly so that your in-laws don't know you're ill is not fun.

The Galt House hotel in Louisville, KY has SUCKY service-- do NOT stay there. It's very pretty, but their bar is overpriced ($10 for a bottled beer and a relatively small amaretto sour? yeah RIGHT), and it took multiple calls to housekeeping each night to get bedding for the sofabed in our suite. About the only cool thing was that they served free popcorn in their bourbon bar.

Bourbon balls are OMGWTF?!BBQ!1111!! good.

The Maker's Mark distillery is a fun thing to tour, and they let you stick your dirty little tourist fingers in the souring mash.
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