Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

Update at long last

Yes, yes, I am still in the land of the living. Locked in a bit of an ivory tower (one that has video-game outlets, but is nonetheless rather limiting), but still kicking. The last couple months have been relatively calm, though I have lost one of my part-time jobs, and so suddenly have ten more free hours a week that I'm trying to use for dissertation work. Bleah. It's a bit challenging to force myself to structure my time when I'd rather be fiddling around on World of Warcraft. Nasty addiction, that. Doesn't help that I started a guild that's gotten to be fairly tightly knit.

But, despite that, the dissertation is progressing. I now actually have a fairly firm topic, and am neck-deep in research on Medieval children and Medieval romance. The end-goal is to put together a coherent argument for children as an audience for romance, and for Medieval romance, like its modern incarnation, as an efficient vehicle for the transmission of societal values and general societal enculturation. This all goes towards my greater, over-arching theory that, basically, Medieval people are just like us, only with less sophisticated and invasive technology. Down with the myth of the Medieval Other!

Anyways, hi everyone! Sorry I'm so anchoritic!
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