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Empty house

Funny how cats alone don't fill it up anymore. Ryan's gone back to Oregon for a long weekend-- a family reunion of sorts-- and since I'm teaching right now, I couldn't go along with him, and have the house entirely to myself until Monday evening. It's very strange and quiet. Usually I have Ryan chattering away, playing his banjo, trying to pick out a tune on one of the tin whistles, or otherwise making his presence known, but now it's just me, the radio, and the cats, who are whiny, but not constantly whiny. Once you feed them/pet them/put away the human food they think they should have, they settle down except for the occasional session of hiccupurring.* End result is a strange, ear-filling silence that can't be drowned out by any other sound, no matter how loud it is. It's rather funny that I complain about the silence, since I seem to spend quite a lot of time when he's home asking him to please hush for a few minutes, or to not play the banjo when I'm trying to watch TV. But when he's gone, and therefore quiet (to me, at least), I complain that it's too quiet. Can't win, I suppose.

Fortunately, I do have a fair amount to do this weekend that will distract me. Today I work all day in the library (which is rather boring in and of itself, as there are very few people on campus right now); tomorrow, I have to get up super-early to go to the Public Market, then get the rest of my shopping done by 10 am so that I can go and get my hair cut, and stop by the main Pittsford Farms Dairy store to see if they have gallon bottles of milk-- our cheese kit came, and I have a feeling that Ryan's going to want to try it out when he gets home. I also have a husk-cherry plant that really needs to be transplanted into the garden (it's growing ferociously in a pot right now, even attempting to fruit, but it's running out of room), mint to cut and dry, bread to bake, perhaps a beef roast to thaw/cook, and possibly also a trip to make down to Seneca Lake to buy some pastured chicken (I finally found a place that prices it affordably, yay!). So I may manage to get through Sunday evening without feeling too lonely and silence-pressed. It'll still be very quiet at night, however. I don't miss the snoring too much, but the bed feels very empty.

*This is a Buttercup thing, where she purrs so hard/loudly that she seems to be choking on it, resulting in a strange hiccup-purr sound.
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