Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis


Stupid Halloween. I have two parties to go to this Halloween, or at least two different groups of friends to party with. One will be an easy costume-- it's a Harry Potter themed party, and if I can afford to get my hair dyed again, I'm going as Tonks (granted, I can't remember what other distinguishing marks Tonks has besides the hair, so if anyone has any ideas there, please let me know). The other group of friends is a bit less, well, how do I put this kindly . . . less nerdy. They do not do things like read Harry Potter books as soon as they come out, and most of them will not get medieval or video-gaming jokes (so dressing up as the Wife of Bath or a Tauren is out).

I have never been good at choosing costumes for "normal" Halloween parties . . . I was even bad at it when I was a kid (yeah, was quite a nerd back then too). So I'm hoping that you all (some of whom have less geeky senses of humor than me) could help me out . . . can anyone think of a suitable costume for me?
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