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The Shadow Gallery

Black Annis
4 May 1978
The name is my concession to a dramatic streak in my personality that I generally pretend is nonexistent. Normally, I'm fairly down-to-earth and low-key; being in the spotlight is not comfortable to me, and I live for comfort. I love cats, i love food, I am a consummate Taurus. I am a harper, a fiddler, a lover of words, and have a tendency to find wonder in unexpected corners of reality. I miss Virginia, where i grew up, and am looking forward to moving back somewhere where it's a little warmer and there are mountains to surround me and hold me in their foothills. I also miss my family, most of whom still live in Virginia, and some of whom, including my dear Dad, are buried underneath the Commonwealth's rolling hills. With any luck, Ryan and I and any little one(s) we have will end up back there with a few acres, an orchard, a woodlot, and some livestock so that we can live our lives relatively peacefully, mostly off-grid, and near family.

The current reasons I'm not posting so much are combinations of teaching, dissertation writing, gardening, preserving food, and this nasty little program called World of Warcraft. Evil, addictive little game. Come visit. I'm on the Kirin Tor server most of the time as Anhaga/Ahnga (Tauren), but also have characters on Zul'jin server(Kundry-- dwarf).

alan parsons project, almonds, amazons, anglo-norman, animal adoption, animal rescue, baking, beer, blue, books, bread, brian froud, cat training, cats, chickens, chocolate, christine de pizan, civil rights, climbing trees, conversation, cooking, countryside, dawn, dead can dance, deism, dougie maclean, dragons, dreams, enigma, environmentalism, evening, fairy tales, fall, fantasy, fantasy literature, feminism, fiddles, folk music, folklore, food, fuel-efficient cars, gardening, gender studies, geoffrey chaucer, goblins, goddesses, grad school, griffins, harps, harry potter, heirloom fruits, heirloom vegetables, herblore, heritage livestock, heritage vegetables, hiking, horseback riding, horses, imagination, japanese food, john gower, labyrinth, lambic, language, learning, legend, legends, lilies of the valley, lingerie, lisa gerard, literature, longears, lord of the rings, love, medieval drama, medieval literature, milkshakes, miso, mist, moonlight, mountains, mules, music, mythology, myths, neutering, october project, opus, pantheism, peace, philosophy, poe, prey model diet, raw feeding, reading, religions, road trips, robin hobb, roman de la rose, rpgs, sex, sexuality, sleep, spaying, spring, steak, stories, strays, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, sushi, taboos, tattoos, tea, teaching, the dark crystal, the fourteenth century, the princess bride, the supernatural, the tea party, theology, tolkien, traditional music, transgression, trees, triads, university of rochester, urban legends, virginia, weeds, william and mary, wine, wisteria, writing