Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

summer's half over? ARGH!

it really is. it's almost midway through July. bleah. even less time to prepare for teaching in the fall, and writing a dissertation (which is still scaring the shit out of me, 'cause i haven't yet really hit on an idea that no one else has covered).

wedding stuff is continuing on smoothly, at least. we now have the stupid license, so we can actually do it whether or not we get the party organized. i've got a dress, ryan's got a suit, our relatives have ways to get out here. (i think. entropydevice, do you have your plane ticket yet?)

in other news, we're excercising again. by "we" i mean Ryan and me, not the royal We. he's got a student membership to the Genessee Waterways Association, so he can start rowing again, and i my new bike is proving lovely now that i've taken off the front fender. oh, and Ryan finally gave in and bought a decent bike. we traded in both of our old bikes (managed to get a total of $70 for both, amazingly), and now he's got basically the same bike as me, only without the front shock absorber. AND he's decided he actually likes riding. yay! group exercise is fun! it means i can actually ride west along the Erie Canal trail safely. we're going to try and keep this up . . . that, along with Ryan's cessation of his smoking habit, may allow us to live past 40!
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