Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

16 days, 23 1/2 hours

Interesting how I only seem to post from school anymore. I guess I spend too much time on WoW when at home -- if I'm going to be in front of the computer there, I'm usually gaming.

Of course, not much has happened recently that I need to write about. After this spring's flurry of activity, things have calmed down quite a bit, and right now both Ryan and I feel like we're in a holding pattern while we wait for everything to start happening again, which it will soon. The families are coming into town in about a fortnight, two days after that we'll be getting married, while they're here we're doing all sorts of things like going on a canal cruise, a wine-tasting tour, and probably a trip out to Niagara Falls. And, to make things more fun, my poor sister's set to pop out Squidling at just about any moment, so the weekend after the wedding, I'm heading down to visit them for a few days. And then classes are going to start again, which means I have to have a new syllabus planned and a whole bunch of electronic reserves up online. Bleah. But for the next two weeks, it's just work. And heat. And bike rides. And cheap vegetables (we just found a CSA farm that we're going to join next year, and we're getting seriously cheap extra veggies from him right now). So basically, until everthing goes insane, it's going to be boring. *sigh* Why can't things happen a little bit at a time?
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