Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

homicidal ginger ale

watch out for homemade gingerale. it'll try to kill you.

this was our second experiment in homemade non-alcoholic drink recipes from the Yankee Cookbook (read: recipes printed in 1963 but invented much, much earlier); the first, switchell (molasses, cider vinegar, and ginger) turned out pretty well, thought it needs to be cut with 2 parts water to 1 part switchell. the gingerale, well. heh.

supposedly, you bottle it immediately after mixing it, leave it for 3 days, and then start drinking it. so we put it in 22-oz beer bottles, capped it, and put it in the basement (in a box on the off-chance that it built up too much pressure and exploded--hahah, like that'll happen, right?). yesterday afternoon, the day we were set to open and drink the stuff, Ryan heard a loud noise from the basement "like the cats had knocked the TV off its shelf." he went down to check, and found that a bottle of gingerale had indeed exploded, and the rest were sitting there, caps actually ROUNDED, waiting to build up just the tiny bit more pressure needed to explode. fortunately this did not occur while Ryan was gingerly removing the caps over the laundry sink. the gingerale was, however, so pressurized that it sprayed all over in about a 10-12 ft radius, soaking Ryan and getting all over the walls. but it didn't actually explode in-hand and imbed him with glass shards, which makes me happy.

the lesson: when trying random home soda recipes from old cookbooks, ALWAYS bottle things in plastic.
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