Black Annis (annis39) wrote,
Black Annis

for anyone who has an interest in MMPORGs or a highly developed sense of the ridiculous, i present:

The First Running of the Gnomes (aka the Level 1 Gnome Alt Raid of Orgrimmar).

i was Gnoshirt. We also had, as you may be able to see, Gnopants, Gnoshame, Gnogo, Leghumper, and suchlike. it was a ridiculous amount of fun-- we just ran and died and ran and died and ran and died, sometimes not making it more than ten feet before dying. in the end, we piled up between the Orgrimmar bank and auction house, res'd, danced, and died one last time before logging out and leaving our little mostly nude corpses sprawled on the ground. unfortunately, the undead players then came over and ate our bodies, so the intended effect was spoiled.
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